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To familiarize the Dutch with high quality Moldovan wine, and sell it at an affordable rate while creating a profitable business for ourselves which we can use to benefit Moldovan people. Our company is a people planet profit company which means we care about ‘our’ people, our impact on the environment, and creating a sustainable profit margin. We will import Moldovan wine into the Netherlands and distributed it into the on-trade market (restaurants and bars) and the online market. We aim to familiarize the Dutch with high quality and affordable Moldovan wine while using profits in order to help alleviate poverty in Moldova.

People Planet Profit

MoldovaWine is a People-Planet-Profit business which means it cares deeply about its employees, it’s customers, and the other people in the supply chain. MoldovaWine understands that without farmers and viticulture experts there would be no wine to sell. That is why MoldovaWine has committed to donating a portion of all profits to a trusted charity called Hulp Oost-Europa Buurtschap Overleek en Helpers. In English this translates to ‘Help east Europe at a neighborhood scale’. When the organization first began in 1991 it was called BOEH (Buurtscap Overleek en Helpers).

It is a Dutch group of church volunteers who donate their time and supplies in order to help alleviate poverty in the former soviet union. They operate in the Purcari and Rascaieti regions in Moldova; they provide tools and funds for the locals to build an elderly facility and a afterschool program for kids with a troubled home. In order for a business to be a sustainable, they must take care of their people, their planet, and their profit. People are the heart of a business; they are their clients, employees, and community. A business needs healthy and happy people in order to thrive. A business must protect their planet or else they will not survive Climate Change. A business needs to protect their profit, or they will not be able to sustain themselves.

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