Chardonnay de Purcari

Producer: Chateau Purcari

Harvest year: 2019

Region: Purcari, IGP Ștefan Vodă

Country: Moldova

Grapes: Chardonnay 100%

Alc. 13.5%

Serving temperature: +8°C …+10°C

Made from hand-picked grapes, produced according to traditional methods.

Aged for 6 months in French oak barriques.



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Additional information

Chardonnay de Purcari  beautiful, special and intense.

In addition, the Purcari region has a unique microclimate with its proximity to the Black Sea and the Dniester River (Nistru). These provide protection against extreme frost in winter and tempering the heat in summer and lastly, the soil composition of well-drained, calcareous loam is ideal for producing high quality grapes.

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