Château Vartely, Chardonnay Sweet


Château Vartely, Chardonnay sweet


Type of grape: Chardonnay 100%
Year: 2013
Alcohol: 11%
Moldavië, Codru



This is a sweet but well balanced dessert wine by botrytis cinerea.  There are  aromas of orange blossom, ripe apple, dried apricot and honey.The taste is light and lively with citrus, tropical notes. It has a well balanced acidity. This wine matures to perfection after 10 years, but it can be safely kept for up 30 years. This is a quite different than Eiswine or Sauternes. It is absolutely delicious and a limited edition from Chateau Vartely. This wine pairs well with blue cheese, citrus desserts and panna cotta.